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QUICK-LOCK function. Removable. Vibration-damped. Black.
QUICK-LOCK Cockpit GPS Mount
  • Detachable, vibration damped GPS Mount
  • To mount at the handlebar fixing screws
  • Surface black, powder-coated
  • Pivoted bracket is fixed by QUICK-LOCK connection on the base plate
  • QUICK-LOCK Cockpit GPS-Mount
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions
  • The hole pattern of the base plate fits all TOMTOM Rider- and Garmin zumo-models, Garmin Montana, Blaupunkt MotoPilot and many more. As well for all RAM Applications and our GPS-Cases
  • The additional adapter kit GPS.00.085.10000/B is necessary for Garmin Zumo 340/350/390/590/595/660.
  • To use GPS devices made for cars, it is advisable to fix a splashproof GPS Bag to the base plate

GPS mount for handlebar (GPS.07.646.10600/B)

  • Модель: GPS.07.646.10600/B
  • Наличие: Срок поставки - 30 дней
  • 6113 руб.

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GPS mount for handlebar (GPS.11.646.10201/B)

QUICK-LOCK function. Removable. Vibration-damped. Black.QUICK-LOCK Cockpit GPS Mount Detachable, vib..

6113 руб.