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  • Adapter kit for STEEL-RACK (GPT.00.152.20300/B)
For Givi Monolock.

The STEEL-RACK combines a strong design with a variety of tie-down points, mounting options for top case adapter kits and a competitive price tag. This adapter set allows the easy installation of GIVI MONOLOCK® top cases to the versatile luggage rack.

  • Adapter kit for mounting Givi Monolock top cases onto a STEEL-RACK
  • Fixation points are screwed to the rack, providing a safe fit
  • Adapter kit
  • Mounting instructions
  • Please note: Adapter kit for Givi Monokey system sold separately

Adapter kit for STEEL-RACK (GPT.00.152.20300/B)

  • Модель: GPT.00.152.20300/B
  • Наличие: Срок поставки - 30 дней
  • 3054 руб.

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