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Black. For LC1/LC2, Universal side bracket.
SLC side carrier (left side) for Harley-Davidson Sportster models

The bike-specific SLC side carrier allows easy and safe mounting on original mounting points to the bike. The quick lock system guarantees easy and safe attachment of the Legend Gear side bags LC1 and LC2 to the SLC side carrier.

  • SLC side carrier adapts perfectly to the design of the bike. Designed for Harley-Davidson Sportster models
  • Bike-specific design allows installation on both sides or one side only, ideal solution for bikes with high exhausts
  • SLC side carrier, made of structural steel tubing, ensures safe mount of Legend Gear side bags LC1 and LC2 (optional accessory) by quick lock system
  • Material: structural steel tubing
  • 1 SLC side carrier for Harley-Davidson Sportster models (left side)
  • Mounting material

SLC side carrier left (HTA.18.768.10001)

  • Модель: HTA.18.768.10001
  • Наличие: Срок поставки - 30 дней
  • 8156 руб.

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