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The electric version of the Sport motorcycle tank bag comes with a special top ring and a conversion kit for EVO tank rings. Using the enclosed safety shut-off device connection, the tank bag can be easily supplied with power from the vehicle's electrical system via the tank ring. USB adapters as well as car cigarette lighter outlets are available in the web shop for operating and charging GPS devices, camera, tablet or smartphone in the tank bag or on the motorcycle. The high-quality motorcycle tank bag is made of extremely durable 1680D ballistic nylon material and can be securely locked and loosened on to each EVO tank ring with just one hand.

The kit contains all components for installing the EVO Tank bag and supplying power to the devices in the interior. Only the bike-specific EVO tank ring must be purchased separately.

  • EVO Sport tank bag with integrated power supply for Sport and Supersport motorcycles with a long, flat fuel tank
  • Click here for a detailed description of the EVO SPORT TANK BAGS
  • EVO Sport Tank bag

    • Inner storage with mesh compartment
    • Zipper to expand the volume
    • Integrated map holder that also supports the touch function of digital devices
    • 2 outer pockets
    • 2 cable feed-throughs
    • Durable carrying handle and shoulder strap
    • Can be used with a cable lock or anti-theft protection
    • Fits GPS mount, map holder, smartphone ortablet dry bag
    • The patented EVO tank ring provides a secure hold for EVO tank bags and allows you to lock and remove them with a single movement
    • Pull strap for releasing the QUICK-LOCK mechanism is secured with a snap fastener
    • Can be used with a cable lock or anti-theft protection
    • Individual mounting of the upper ring for best fit
    • Reflective details for better visibility
    • Weather protection with the supplied rain cover
    • High form stability due to EVA plastic base and padding
    • Details

    • Material: 1680D Ballistic Nylon / 1680D Ballistic Nylon
    • Color: black / grey
    • Total Weight: 1,7 kg
    • Total Volume: 14,0-21,0 l
  • EVO 2.0 Electric top ring

    • The EVO 2.0 electric top ring is screwed to the EVO tank bag instead of the standard top ring
    • The EVO 2.0 electric kit can be used for any EVO tank ring
    • The circuit is closed by snapping the top ring on the tank ring; the circuit is disconnected when unlocking the top ring
    • Operating current maximum 5 amps
    • Direct connection to the vehicle battery
    • Fuse in the cable harness (5 A)
    • Vibration-resistant mounted, gold-plated spring contacts
    • Waterproof plug connection between cable harness and power contact
    • Details

    • Color: black / red

Included in delivery

  • 1 x
  • 1 x EVO 2.0 Electric top ring
  • 1 x EVO 2.0 electric kit for EVO tank ring
  • 1 x Safety shut-off device connection
  • 1 x Shoulder strap
  • 1 x Rain hood
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting material


  • Material: 1680D Ballistic Nylon / 1680D Ballistic Nylon
  • Color: black / grey
  • Size: 34,0 x 40,0 x 17,0 cm
  • Total Weight: 1,7 kg
  • Total Volume: 14,0-21,0 l

Required for mounting

  • EVO tank ring


EVO 2.0 Sport electric tank bag. 12 V. 14-21 l. For EVO tank ring. Black/Grey.

  • Модель: BC.TRE.00.101.20001
  • Наличие: Срок поставки - 30 дней
  • 24978 руб.